Using Twitter

I remember I first got a twitter about a year ago just so I could participate in a “twitter party” where a bunch of people go on twitter at the same time and use the same hashtags and comment on each others stuff about a topic. After the twitter party, I promptly unsubscribed from all their emails and stopped using the account. I just saw no reason to use another social media on top of what I already use. I was also annoyed by the number of emails they sent and didn’t see the need for another social media account.

After a few months of using Twitter for Journalism class. I can see some benefits. Some of the pages I follow post different things on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some companies do give outs and competitions exclusively on Twitter, so there’s another advantage. (I have yet to win something though) I also had fun live tweeting an event. I know this can be done on Facebook, but people don’t do it. If I’m on Facebook and someone is updating their status every few minutes I might find it annoying because that is not how Facebook is commonly used. However, people often live tweet things on twitter, so it didn’t feel too weird tweeting every few hours of my journey to Colorado.

A drawback to twitter is yet another distraction. I will often take the time to scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, and I will see many of the same stuff. The things I post as well on twitter are often posted on my other social media sites, so it seemed a little redundant. As for using Twitter as a news source, it did bring me some of the latest news. However, I find I get a lot of this stuff from Facebook as well.

After this class I may continue to use Twitter. Like I said, some things are posted exclusively on Twitter instead of across all social media platforms. From a journalist’s point of view, I think twitter is good for sharing links, or giving very brief headlines or breaking news. Facebook seems more for personal stuff, while twitter is slightly different because of the character limit. I don’t think one social media is the best, but Facebook is more fun for me because I have had it the longest, so I have the most friends on it.


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