Multimedia Journalism Takeaway

For me, choosing to do multimedia journalism was kind of at random. I needed a couple more units, so my advisor said, “how about journalism”, and I thought I’d give it a go. Now it is the end of the semester, I think I made a good decision. Although I may not pursue a career in journalism, I have realized that the skills from this class are applicable in any career path. For example, if I ran a ski resort, I might want to make a video story about how we started and why you should go there to put on our home page. I might also use twitter to live tweet cool events so people can see how cool our events really are and will go to the net event.

One of the main things I gained from this class was that everything you make in multimedia should tell a story. Whether you make a video, take some pictures, or record someone talking, it should tell a story with a beginning, a climax, and a resolution. It was also cool seeing how a lot of people have a cool story of their own, or how something as simple as a night out with friends can be a great story to tell. I think I will take this idea into my snowboarding edits in the future. There’s a difference between a video with music and snowboarding, versus a story told with those snowboarding videos. There is one video I made here which I think embodies that.

This class also inspired me to make my own website out of my old blog ( It made me think about more of the cool stuff I could out on there so people will get to know me through more than just my writing. I want to take more pictures of the things I do. I usually try to take one picture to sum up an event or day, but I think I can make more use of slideshows and audio slideshows to tell a more captivating story to put on my website.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 1.54.47 PM.png

I’ve done some work on my own website

The photography, videography, and social media use from this class will definitely be useful after this class. I will probably continue to use twitter for news, and I will continue blogging more regularly on my riderwriter blog.

Snow season Wrap-up

Ever since I first started snowboarding, I have had the dream of living in a place where the mountains were accessible on a daily basis. Finally, after 5 years of driving up from the Bay, I moved to Tahoe. When the first snows started falling in November, it was like a dream come true. I even arranged my school schedule to I could snowboard 5 full days a week. I got a job next to my favorite ski resort. I didn’t think I would be on my college team, but after walking in on a meeting and asking if I could train with them, I found out I actually could be a part of the team. Everything was so great! I enthusiastically went to every single fall conditioning, thinking about all the pow I would be riding. I thought of all the friends I would make.


My season started early, on November 6, riding the park at Boreal. It seemed like the season was off to a great start! I remember on “dead day” during finals in December, I went out to Northstar instead of studying. I landed 3 or 4 new tricks that day, which I was very happy with so early on in the season. After finals, I moved to Truckee for Winter break, five minutes from the slopes. And then, on day one of break, Injury number one hit. My doctor told me I was out for the season. Suddenly all the promise of the season melted away like the terrain park on a sunny, April day.


I kept my hopes up. Between Christmas and New Years, I was able to snowboard in a sling with my family. It was fun and I was glad to be back. School started up again in mid-January, and I was competing with the college team and individually through USASA. I was back to training 5 days a week, and by the end of January, I felt I had fully recovered. In fact, on January 31, I said “I think I’m finally recovered from my injury! Time to start pushing it again!” So I tried a backflip.

I was so close, but backflips should be done in whole numbers. 0.8 backflips just didn’t cut it, and I what-used-to-be-my-good-arm was now my bad arm. That same day, my car broke for the 4th time since it caught on fire in November.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6.31.46 PM

This time, my determination was even greater, and I was back on snow within 4 days. I kept to a rigorous physical therapy routine, and knew that the season still had promise. I felt like I loved snowboarding even more than before my injuries. Two weeks after my second injury, I was off to regionals for the Collegiate competition league in Mammoth, where I would compete against the colleges from California and Nevada.


First of all, Mammoth is the BOMB! And I felt like I was truly part of the team on that weekend road trip. Out of complete surprise, I ended up earning 3rd place in the Slopestyle event and 4th in snowboard cross. I attributed it entirely to good luck. A month later was Spring break and I skipped the tropical vacation and got to ride every day, including my birthday, on which I received several feet of snow and blue skies. A week later, I was in Colorado, competing in the USASA national championships. Its now the end of the season, and I can happily say I’ve had no more injuries

I didn’t plan on having 2 injuries. I didn’t plan on spending so many of those 89 days by myself. I didn’t plan on having my car catch on fire. Despite all this though, I am extremely grateful for how my season went. Considering my doctor told me I was out for the season with my first injury in December, my season has been phenomenal in comparison. My goal was 100 days. I got 90, and I had to take about 20 days off snow between both injuries. I got so many sunny park laps. Although I feel I did not improve as much as I would have liked, I can say I did my best with the circumstances. I am way more stoked that I tried a backflip than I would be if I had stayed safe and un-injured.

My season is actually not over. A week ago, I found out I would be working at a summer snowboarding camp starting in June. I am extremely stoked to have this opportunity, and to continue progressing in what is usually the of-season. My luck may have turned in December, but it has turned back around. I come out of this season stronger and with more confidence in my own determination. Without my setbacks, I would not have this.