Multimedia Journalism Takeaway

For me, choosing to do multimedia journalism was kind of at random. I needed a couple more units, so my advisor said, “how about journalism”, and I thought I’d give it a go. Now it is the end of the semester, I think I made a good decision. Although I may not pursue a career in journalism, I have realized that the skills from this class are applicable in any career path. For example, if I ran a ski resort, I might want to make a video story about how we started and why you should go there to put on our home page. I might also use twitter to live tweet cool events so people can see how cool our events really are and will go to the net event.

One of the main things I gained from this class was that everything you make in multimedia should tell a story. Whether you make a video, take some pictures, or record someone talking, it should tell a story with a beginning, a climax, and a resolution. It was also cool seeing how a lot of people have a cool story of their own, or how something as simple as a night out with friends can be a great story to tell. I think I will take this idea into my snowboarding edits in the future. There’s a difference between a video with music and snowboarding, versus a story told with those snowboarding videos. There is one video I made here which I think embodies that.

This class also inspired me to make my own website out of my old blog ( It made me think about more of the cool stuff I could out on there so people will get to know me through more than just my writing. I want to take more pictures of the things I do. I usually try to take one picture to sum up an event or day, but I think I can make more use of slideshows and audio slideshows to tell a more captivating story to put on my website.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 1.54.47 PM.png

I’ve done some work on my own website

The photography, videography, and social media use from this class will definitely be useful after this class. I will probably continue to use twitter for news, and I will continue blogging more regularly on my riderwriter blog.

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